First 3 Affiliates join Worlddidac!

We are proud to announce our first 3 official Affiliates! Welcome xEdu, Education Finland, and Swissdidac Association.

The announcement of our new affiliate program happened less than a month ago and already we have the pleasure of sharing this cooperation with three wonderful organizations. We look forward to many more affiliations and we can’t wait to see the Worlddidac community reach to new heights with the enrichment which comes from these fantastic groups.


Based in Helsinki Finland, xEdu is Europe’s leading business accelerator for edtech startups creating transformative learning solutions with pedagogical impact. From product development to market entry and internationalization, they offer broad assistance including coaching, mentoring and real-life testing environments for research and development. XEdu provides a global partner network of recognized leaders in the education business for startups.

Official xEdu website:

XEdu CEO Antti Korhonen and Worlddidac Director General Danny Gauch sign the Statement of Affiliation at Bett Show in London, January 2018.

Education Finland

Also signing at Bett Show London, Education Finland, located in Helsinki, Finland, is a part of the Finnish National Agency for Education.

They are a national education export program, offering Finnish educational know-how and learning solutions globally. The organization’s overarching goal is to open doors and create opportunities for exporting the Finnish Excellence in Education. Education Finland brings together first-class private companies, vocational institutions, and higher education establishments in Finland, to help export their education expertise, which comes in rich and varied forms, from educational and learning products – technologies, programs, applications, digital learning suites and software, educational content and materials – to services covering teacher training, pedagogical and vocational programs, as well as multi-functional solutions in the physical and digital learning environments.

We are excited to cooperate with both Education Finland and xEdu. Finland is world-renowned for its education system, so to have a such a strong country begin our worldwide affiliation network brings us great delight. We look forward to expanding this network to other regions throughout the world.

Official Education Finland website: 


Education Finland Programme Director Lauri Tuomi and Worlddidac Director General Danny Gauch sign the Statement of Affiliation at Bett Show in London, January 2018.

Worlddidac Delegation at Education Finland booth at Bett Show in London, January 2018.

Swissdidac Association

A national association for Swiss producers of education materials, Swissdidac has shared a longstanding and positive relationship with the Swiss-based Worlddidac Association. Now we are proud to announce Swissdidac’s official affiliation with Worlddidac!

Official Swissdidac website: