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Shandong Yuanda llongwill Educational Science & Technology Ltd. (abbreviated as Yuanda), established in 1997, is the top brand in the field of probe based digital experiment teaching in China. Over the past twenty years, the teaching probes, various lab equipment, and corresponding experiment curriculum system provided by Yuanda for K12 experiment teaching have been accepted by the curriculum standards for science education in primary and secondary schools in China, and have been incorporated into more than ten science textbooks.

The main technical route of Yuanda is to use advanced probes and high-speed digital circuit technology to collect, transmit, and preprocess experimental data, and analyze data rely on multi-functional software by PC or other data terminals, thereby improving the quality and efficiency of experiment teaching, and cultivating students’ ability to apply information technology. For this purpose, Yuanda has launched nearly 100 types of probes for physics, chemistry, biology, and environmental science, as well as nearly 300 types of supporting lab equipment, completing a comprehensive transformation of traditional laboratories through digital technology.

In 2023, Yuanda launched a batch of original lab equipment in line with the development trend of international science education. The followings are introductions to several representative new products:

1. Indoor Environment Monitoring System V2.0 (LW-SI814)

Developed to meet the needs of environmental science education and environmental management in classrooms and schools. The system consists of a group of integrated measurement terminals with LCD display, a background database server, and application software of PC and APP. The measurement terminal is installed in the classroom or other locations that need to be monitored, and communicates with the background database through the WIFI network. It can measure, display, and upload air quality data including but not limited to PM2.5, PM10, TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds), carbon dioxide, formaldehyde content, as well as environmental indicators such as illumination, noise, temperature and humidity. Schools can obtain environment quality data from various monitoring points throughout the school, and broadcast and share them through Web browsers, mobile APPs, class electronic boards, or intelligent screens, providing real-time data support for improving the environment science education and internal environment quality control of the school.

2. Equipotential Lines Tracer (LW-Q877)

This apparatus is used in the experiment teaching of “Equipotential lines in electric fields” in middle school physics. It can measure the potential difference on conductive paper with the aid of a conductive pen and accurately locate it in the software coordinate system, drawing the corresponding electric field equipotential lines in the software. Supported experiments include, but are not limited to, “Depicting equipotential lines in an electric field of point charges with equal amount and different charges“, “Depicting equipotential lines in a uniform electric field“, and “Depicting equipotential lines in a point charge electric field“.

3. Photothermal Effect and Seasons Formation Apparatus (LW-Q871)

This apparatus is developed for the needs of science education in primary and middle schools, and is used to verify the heating effect of light on heated objects at different incident angles, thereby revealing the causes of the four seasons in most parts of the Earth. The design of this apparatus strictly follows the controlled variable method, and it includes a unified light source and three light receiving plates with the same distance from the light source and adjustable angles, all of which are connected to temperature probes. When the angles between the three light receiving plates and the light source is adjusted to correspond to the equator (0 degree), the regression line (23.5 degrees), and the cold temperate zone boundary (66.5 degrees), the software automatically record the temperature changes of the three light receiving plates and provide temperature change curves, revealing the relationship between the incidence angle of sunlight and the temperature in different latitudes.

4. Concave and Convex Bridge Apparatus (LW-Q858-10)

This apparatus is designed for the experiment teaching of circular motion in middle school physics, and is used together with Yuanda’s Magic Board – electromagnetic positioning system. It can measure the overweight and weightlessness of moving objects on concave and convex bridges in real time.

5. Liquid Pressure Apparatus (LW-Q880)

This apparatus is developed for the experiment teaching of the internal pressure of liquids in middle school physics. It combines a waterproof pressure sensor with a water depth measuring device to measure the pressure in different depths and directions within the liquid in real time.

Welcome the majority of member companies of the Worlddidac Association to become our agents for the sale of Yuanda’s advanced teaching equipment products. Yuanda will give full play to our advantages in original research and development and application services, and work with member companies to serve science education and experiment teaching in countries around the world.

To learn more about Yuanda’s full range of products, please visit en.llongwill.com.

About Shandong Yuanda Ilongwill Educational Science & Technology Ltd.:

Yuanda is a private education company based in Shandong province, China. The company provides educational and training services to individuals and institutions in China and other countries. It offers various educational services, including K-12 education, language training, vocational education, and study abroad programs. The company has developed its curriculum and teaching methods, which it believes are effective in helping students achieve academic success.
The company has been recognized for its contributions to education development in China and has won numerous awards and honours.


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