Are you trying to gain a foothold in the education market? We can support you! With the help of our network who have extensive knowledge and experience across the education sector and together with the Benefits derived from all the services which you will receive at your selected level, you will gain a strong advantage. If your company meets the required criteria you will receive a flatrate discount on your selected Membership Level which will be valid until the conclusion of your 6th Business anniversary. Register today as a Start-Up to join our Network.

Start-Ups Discount

Start-Ups, who fit the required creteria will receive a flatrate discount of 50% on their selected Membership Fee.


  • Company was founded not more than 6 years ago
  • 1-50 staff subject to social insurance
  • Not more than CHF 10 Million turnover per fiscal year
A copy of the register of companies statement will be required upon registration

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