Welcome Governmental Bodies

Dear Governmental Bodies, we are pleased to welcome you to the global educational platform. Worlddidac represents a range of organisations that operate across a broad spectrum of educational levels from pre-school through to tertiary education. We work closely with many ministries of education, procurement officers and further governmental institutions who provide support in the organization of educational shows and conferences worldwide.

In order to lead you to the educational solutions you are looking for, please answer the following questions:


ROBBO is a growing

  Russo-Finnish ed-tech company. ROBBO is used in more than 70 clubs and 95 schools in 12 countries. We...

Preparing your organisation for AI supported learning

Supporting learning with data is a process of using analytics to empower learning and making decisions based on data-backed...

Sorting System Compact 4.0 – training close to real-world applications

      The Sorting System Compact 4.0 is Christiani‚Äôs most recent product innovation. In order to offer the...