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Dear Governmental Bodies, we are pleased to welcome you to the global educational platform. Worlddidac represents a range of organisations that operate across a broad spectrum of educational levels from pre-school through to tertiary education. We work closely with many ministries of education, procurement officers and further governmental institutions who provide support in the organization of educational shows and conferences worldwide.

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Teaching solar power to TVET students: hints & tips  

To support the energy transition, a growing number of teachers want to address solar power production in the classroom....

EDIBON – part of the MOF4AIR project.

The intense decarbonisation of global energy systems is an ongoing process, but faster results would be achieved if atmospheric...

New Basic Member – Edquip Platforms s.r.o., Czech Republic

Worlddidac Association is delighted to welcome a new Basic Member from Czech Republic – Edquip Platforms s.r.o., Czech Republic...