Dr Jason Scales

LINCOLN ELECTRIC, United States of America

Jason Scales is driving the education strategy and developing key partnerships with education, industry and governments to further welding education globally. His professional career started in the classroom and progressed to the University level where he was responsible for teaching pedagogical courses for ongoing professionals. He joined Lincoln Electric 11 years ago, predominately in the Technical Training department providing extensive experience in leading, designing, developing, and implementing educational programs for higher education, corporations, non-profits, and government agencies.  His commitment is to continue supporting the development of contemporary training programs, consulting with private and public agencies and organizations. Dr. Scales continually consults with industrial partners and governments in identifying workforce development opportunities for learning communities across the world. He is a highly respected scholar, consultant and educational leader among national, regional and global officials. He serves on a number of welding education and partner boards and has participated in numerous speaking engagements, panels and bylined articles on the subject of the changing face of technical education and paths for addressing the current ‘skills gap’ in manufacturing and construction. He earned his Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Education at the University of Missouri.