Competency-based qualification for Industry 4.0 in hands-on learning factories

Level up your Industry 4.0 qualification program with Festo’s well-thought-out curriculum I4.0 and the MPS 400 compact all-around training factories.

Qualifying students for their future careers in Industry 4.0 isn’t an easy thing to do.

New technologies are changing industrial practice and with it the skills that learners need to acquire today. The skills gap is more noticeable than ever before. Good thing, the competency-based qualification plan with MPS 400 learning factories by Festo creates relief.

The curriculum on the digital learning portal Festo LX incorporates matching learning content to develop hands-on skills required in different industry professions. From MES systems, webshops, HMI, RFID technology, PLC programming, IIoT retrofitting as well as mobile robotics, IT security, or energy monitoring – the technology topic coverage is broad and almost no wishes remain unfulfilled. The qualification guide is structured in a way that not only professional technical competencies but also social competencies and soft skills are being developed. Through only gradually increasing complexity and AR support, learners are encouraged to dig deeper. An easy start is a precondition to make students stay on the ball and help them grow competency step by step.

„At Festo Didactic, we focus on motivating and inspiring learners for new technologies while breaking down psychological barriers to engaging with complex topics. With our holistic learning solution for developing I4.0 competencies, we advance learners and teachers alike.” explains Dr Sandra Funk, Curriculum Architect at Festo Didactic SE

Simultaneously, multimedia learning content allows learners to identify with the subject. With the modular structure of the course material, learners are able to celebrate partial successes whilst keeping their overall learning goal in view.

“While the demands on trained specialists continue to grow, the MPS 400 series allows learners to acquire a wide range of skills. New technologies in the production environment as well as the entire fundamentals of mechatronics and automation technology. A true all-round system” says Alexander Abdo, Product Manager Learning Factories at Festo Didactic SE.

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