Kipinä Center Goes International

Kipinä Center is a brand new, proud member of Worlddidac! Kipinä Center, short for Communication Center Kipinä, is a small, innovative company from Finland. We provide services and materials in the field of speech and language therapy and early education for both professionals and parents. One of our most important tools is the use of AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication).
Kipinä Center’s mission is to ensure that all children have the possibility to participate and express themselves regardless of their language ability. Enabling participation for everyone is what drives and inspires us to develop our services and materials. Our Kippin Family products are designed to help professionals plan engaging activities for children while they can learn new skills, have fun with others and participate regardless of their language ability.


For the last year, Kipinä Center has been seeking international business – in the first phase, our target countries are our neighbours on both sides, Russia and Sweden. Whilst writing this, we are almost finished doing market research in Russia with the help of the talented Ruspro team. Through this business market quest in Russia, our CEO Iina had the privilege of attending the Finnish-Russian Education Marathon’s Moscow Forum a couple of weeks ago. Not just to attend, but also give two presentations: “The Magic of Finnish Early Education” and “The Power of Pictures in Helping Children Participate and Learn Language”. Read more about Iina’s first trip to Russia here!



Two weeks ago, we also opened the Swedish market by attending two events: a trade fair called Leva och Fungera and a conference, Kommunikationskarnevalen. We had the pleasure to give a presentation in Kommunikationskarnevalen, again with a topic that is very close to our hearts: “Supporting participation and communication skills with AAC in a multilingual daycare group”. During our week in Sweden, we launched our pilot project with the Kippin Family products in four different daycare centres across the country. Feedback on the Kippin products has been very positive and with our unique product, we seem to have a clear market niche in Sweden, too. Kipinä Center’s first trip to Sweden was a rewarding experience and we don’t have to wait too long for the next one – we are attending the SETT event in Stockholm from 9th to 11th April!

If you feel that your company and Kipinä Center could cooperate, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always open to new ideas and contacts!


Article submitted by
Amanda Saarinen
Kipinä Center
Helsinki, Finland