Kommunikointikeskus Kipinä Oy (Kipinä Center)


”All children have a right to express themselves, their opinions and thoughts, and to be understood with the communication methods they use.” (The New Finnish Early Education Plan)

Kipinä Center, short for Communication Center Kipinä, is a creative Finnish company that provides services and materials in the field of speech and language therapy and early education for both professionals and parents. Kipinä Center’s mission is to ensure that all children have the possibility to participate and express themselves equally regardless of their language ability. Enabling participation for everyone is what drives and inspires us to develop our services and materials. One of our most important tools is the use of AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication).

Our success comes from team magic!
Kipinä Center is packed with creative and innovative speech and language therapists. Enabling participation for everyone is our passion and what drives us forward. We want to make a difference. Kipinä Center was founded in 2012 by Iina Heikurainen and Pauliina Viljanen. Since then the company has grown very organically to nine amazing speech and language therapists and three speechie students, who work at Kipinä Center part time. One of our main values is the well-being of our team! Our team is exceptionally well-trained and have attended various continued education courses in e.g. AAC, oral motor therapy, language development and autism.

Communication is a basic human right. However, there are many people that have complex communication needs and who cannot communicate with speech alone. Kipinä Center's mission is to help these people to participate fully and we are here to help you do the same!

Kipinä Center offers training and workshops on how to support people with complex communication needs with the help of AAC (augmentative and alternative communication). Our workshops will inspire and broaden your knowledge through practical information and theory. The most powerful workshops are the ones where you get both information and material, so that you can utilize your newly acquired knowledge immediately. We always tailor our workshops to fit the needs of our clients! Workshops can be held in Finnish, English and Swedish.

Children learn best when they are motivated, inspired and having fun! With Kipinä Center’s products children will enjoy themselves while exploring language and learning how to communicate more effectively. We provide children with tools they can use to express themselves better and participate more fully in daily activities. Kipinä Center offers both practice materials for communication and language development and communication aids.

The Kippin Family
The Kippin Family products take you on a fun language learning journey where participation is made possible for everyone – regardless of their language ability.
Read more: https://www.kipinakeskus.fi/en/products/the-kippin-family/
See the video Meet the Kippin Family: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmJMlijYdkM

Communication books
Communication books enable participation for people who have complex communication needs.
Read more: https://www.kipinakeskus.fi/en/products/communication-books/

Communication pagesets
Communication pagesets and computer based communication give a voice to people who are in need of one.
Read more: https://www.kipinakeskus.fi/en/products/communication-pagesets/



Malmin raitti 17
00700 Helsinki


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Product Type
Consumables / School materials, Services
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Pre-school / Elementary level, Primary level, Special Needs
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Art, music, performing arts, Health and Wellbeing, Pedagogics, psychology, Others

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CEO, Speech and language therapist
General Manager
Iina Heikurainen


Meet the Kippin Family