New Membership Structure!

It’s finally time to officially reveal the new membership structure!

As the current members have seen, the team at Worlddidac has been working tirelessly on new ways to incorporate and utilize the feedback given last year; and now we’re happy to announce to the public that we have phased in a new and improved membership structure.  With 4 membership levels catering to different amounts of involvement, now it is easier than ever to get started in the Worlddidac community.

Membership Benefits Overview

Read further for a quick overview of each membership level:

Basic Membership

Basic Membership is intended for those companies who would like to present their brand in conjunction with the Worlddidac Association and initiate networking with the other members. This is the ideal entry level for those who would like to take a “test drive” and keep up with the association’s business and offerings. The basic membership is considered to be passive and therefore does not include any voting rights.

Silver Membership

Silver Membership is meant for those who specifically want to benefit from exhibition discounts and access our dealer database. The silver membership level is also considered to be passive and therefore does not come with voting rights either.

Gold Membership

Gold Membership is comparable to the previous standard membership. This level is intended to be for members who would like to actively form the future of Worlddidac and as a result, positively influence the world of education. This membership level permits the member to cast one vote when it comes to influencing the future of Worlddidac.

Platinum Membership

Platinum Membership is for those who want to go “the extra mile” by providing support by which the Association will be able to secure an established position within the global education sector. This highly involved level offers direct business opportunities and concedes two votes to each member when it comes to influencing the future of Worlddidac.

More information about membership levels and their benefits