Review Webinar: Lifelong Learning Tips from Finland

The third joint webinar in collaboration with Arctic Education Forum (PINO Network) and Worlddidac Association was held on October 15th.

There were about 80 participants in the webinar from all over the world. The event was also live-streamed on Facebook.

The topic of the one-hour webinar was Lifelong Learning Tips from Finland. The focus of the event was on the importance of the current and constant need to update one’s working life competence and to learn new skills as well as get to know about the latest innovations and recent development.

Lifelong learning does not involve only post-industrial economies. For instance, the concept also includes different short-term training aiming at any skills or proficiencies that could enable better employment and livelihood for people with insufficient education in developing countries, and anything in between. It is acknowledged that lifelong learning benefits not only the individuals but also employers, companies, and whole societies, as well as the organizations providing the training.

You can watch the whole webinar on Youtube.

The webinar was hosted by Mr. Danny Gauch, who is the Director General of the Worlddidac Association.

The distinguished webinar speakers were:

Teea Oja

Ms. Teea Oja

Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, expert of adult education, adult guidance, and competence development

Keynote: “Lifelong learning as key to success”

Ms. Oja works as a specialist at the Centre for Economic Development, Transport, and the Environment (ELY Centre). Centres promote regional development by implementing government initiatives and development tasks in regions. Oja’s main responsibilities are planning, sourcing, and follow-up for guidance services and training and vocational training for job seekers as well as coordinating and developing lifelong guidance services. Before starting at ELY Centre in 2016, Oja worked as a teacher, counsellor, and project manager at adult education for 16 years. 2019 Oja worked also at the University of Jyväskylä as a teacher in specialist studies in career counselling. 

Ms. Ulla-Maija Seppänen

Senior Lecturer & Project Manager at Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Finland. (MScOT, Psychotherapist)

Case Presentation: ”From Teaching to Learning: Becoming a Coach for Learning by Doing to Build Educational Capacity in Nepal”

Ulla-Maija has been working for over 20 years as a lecturer and since beginning planning and teaching in international courses in different countries. For the last six years, she has been focusing on designing and enabling interdisciplinary courses to develop new innovations and businesses. Since 2017, Ulla-Maija has been working in BUCSBIN-project (Building University Capacity for Business Incubation), where university staff from Nepal have been trained for and been developing project-based learning for their own context. 

Ulla-Maija believes that education should prepare experts, who know how to have a positive impact on society. Before working as a Senior Lecturer and Project Manager at OAMK, Finland, Ulla-Maija used to work as an occupational therapist and psychotherapist in mental health.

Kati Kauppila

Student Affairs Specialist, Diaconia University of Applied Sciences

Input Speech: ”Co-Creating Training Services Together With Working Life Organizations”

Ms. Kauppila is a learning enthusiast, who loves to encourage people to learn. Her goal is to develop more human-oriented working life and continuous learning. At Diak, she coordinates and develops training services related to continuous learning together with her team. Kati is also an active member and volunteer of Finland National Committee for UN Women.

Kim Holm

Head of Sales East Africa at Festo Didactic SE

Input Speech: “Healthy individuals in healthy companies thru Life Long Learning”

Kim Holm joined Festo Didactic in 1986. Has been working with educational projects. Technical education on all levels, both formal and informal education has been developed in cooperation with different educational stakeholders. He has worked as a lecturer at the Arcada University of Applied Science. Since 2013 focus has been on skills development through technical education in the East African countries. He initiated the first multinational WorldSkills Competition in 2016 in Dar es Salaam followed by the second edition in 2018 in Kigali.