SMART Internationalization® helps you achieve your international sales expansion goals

SMART Internationalization® provides high-experienced sales internationalization advisory services to Start-Ups and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) who are operating within the global EdTech marketplace and are looking to grow their business prospects in international markets.

Typically start-up and growing companies have not yet developed the internal critical mass and/or competencies required to develop the specific sales strategies and programs needed to benefit from international markets.


Our Key Advisory Programs

Our advisory, training, consulting and interim management services provide critical support for executive officers and operational sales teams to develop the relevant sales structures, processes and tools that help sales teams learn and cultivate best practices for international growth.

 Our Key Services

SMART Internationalization® was established in response to a clear need for specialized sales development advisory services for growth in external markets. We help internationalizing companies build strategic sales and organizational competencies for sustainable business growth and expansion. Our key services include (but not limited to):

  • Readiness analysis and internationalization forensics
  • Transformative SMART sales strategy consultancy
  • Sales organisation and process forensics
  • SMART sales competence development
  • Training and coaching services
  • Sales intelligence analysis
  • Interim management

Our services are targeted mainly to companies who want to internationalize, transform and secure their sales and business development capabilities into best practices-based processes by developing required long-term and sustainable business critical competencies. Service offering is based on long personal experience, skills and competencies combined with a strong partner ecosystem

We offer concrete and measurable Customer Benefits

Our services offer concrete competitive advantages for Start-Ups and SMEs looking to grow abroad and want to shorten sales turnaround time, develop increased sales expertise and enhance company´s international sales structures and processes.


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About the author

Juha Merinen (Founder and CEO of SMART Internationalization Oy) is an experienced executive and international sales strategist with over 30 years hands-on experience in competence development, advancement and management of business development and expansion operations in a range of sectors including ICT, Education, MedTech and Software. Juha specializes in measurable sales intelligence and competence development to ensure excellence in internationalization. Juha is also one of the Worlddidac Council Members.