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SMART Internationalization® was established in response to a clear need for specialized sales development advisory services for growth in external markets. We help internationalizing companies build strategic sales and organizational competencies for sustainable business growth and expansion.

SMART Internationalization® provides sales internationalization advisory services to start-ups and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) looking to grow their business prospects in international markets.

We work closely with our customers to develop a structured, measurable and scalable sales intelligence approach that can serve as the basis for long-term internationalization efforts. Our SMART structures ensure that our customers’ sales expansion programs are: Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic and Time-bound. This approach to goal setting helps ensure that our clients achieve their international sales expansion objectives by carefully identifying targets that are realistic, measurable, scheduled and based on clearly identified and specific actions.

Underlying the SMART strategy is our APE (Analyze, Plan, Execute) methodology that emphasizes the systematic use of analysis, planning and execution actions in sales development programs.

Our mission is to strengthen our customers’ organizational readiness and competencies in developing measurable and scalable international competitiveness as the basis for structured, sustainable growth and international market expansion

Our ultimate vision is to be widely recognized as a trusted advisor for SMART internationalization ® and sales intelligence services bringing measurable competence development to our customers.

Founder and CEO (Juha Merinen) is an experienced executive and international sales strategist with over 30 years hands-on experience in competence development, advancement and management of business development and expansion operations in a range of sectors including ICT, Education, MedTech and Software. Juha specializes in measurable sales intelligence and competence development to ensure excellence in internationalization.



Talvikkitie 7 C 75, 01300 Vantaa, Finland

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Consultancy, Corporate Training, Information Technologies, Services
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Adult education, K-12, Pre-school / Elementary level, Primary level, Special Needs, Secondary, Technical and Vocational training, TVET
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Founder & CEO
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Juha Merinen


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