Tony Brandenbourg


During the past 10 years Tony Brandebourg has been involved in many consultancy and training projects around the world, presently working as a consultant to companies in Indonesia and Israel. 

He has given a number of keynote addresses, including in Kazakhstan, Russia, Vietnam, The United States, Thailand, Finland, and Hong Kong,  at UNESCO in Paris, for ITU in Thailand,  most with a focus on contemporary learning and teaching. He has hosted many international conferences, meetings and think-tanks and has been a master of ceremonies at a number of global education awards.  

He is particularly proud of the work he completed with the Smart Cities initiative in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

He has been a long-term consultant to ABEGS in the Middle East, ISTE in the United States, UNESCO in France, UNESCO in India, ICT Qatar in Qatar and Worlddidac in Switzerland. He has also worked for Education ministries in Malaysia, South Korea, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Australia, Malaysia, and Bahrain.

Before his consultancy,  he worked as a program director for the Australian Government, as a Professional Development Specialist for the Victorian government in Australia, as an Executive Officer in an education system authority, as a school principal and as a leading teacher in many sectors of education, including two Australian Universities. He has held a number of Board Director roles and has been President of Teacher and subject organisations. He is proud to be a fellow of the Australian Council for Computers in Education and a life member of his home state Information Computer Technology Association.