Worlddidac Pavilion at the eLearning Africa, Kigali, Rwanda – Connect now!

Worlddidac offers a fantastic opportunity for our members to showcase their expertise and innovations. A dedicated pavilion/exhibition space has been arranged for members who wish to participate.

This is a unique chance for you to present your products or services to a broader pan-African audience or to network with industry professionals and gain valuable exposure. The Worlddidac Pavilion at eLearning Africa, Kigali, promises to be a hub of innovation and collaboration.

If you are interested in securing a space or want more information about this exciting opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Learning Africa, since 2005, is a global hub for ICT-supported education, uniting educators, trainers, tech experts, policymakers, and investors. As the largest professional community championing African expertise in education globally, it’s a premier resource for eLearning insights.

At the forefront of online education, eLearning Africa showcases sustainable solutions, enhancing access to crucial information, education, and training. It empowers a network of digital education professionals, fostering connections, partnerships, and continuous skill development.

The platform promotes digital technologies, raises awareness, supports capacity development, and attracts investment across education levels and sectors. eLearning Africa plays a crucial role in advancing education and training, uniting diverse stakeholders and facilitating knowledge exchange within its community of practice.

In essence, eLearning Africa is driving the evolution of education in Africa and beyond.

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