Worlddidac Trade Delegation to Washington DC-

Visiting the World Bank ( IDA, IBRD, IFC), the IDB, the MCC, and the USAID with individual meetings on specific subjects.

December 9th to December 11th, 2024.

In partnership with the Delegation of German Industry in Washington, DC

It is with great pleasure that I announce that, once again, we will be taking a delegation of WorldDidac members to Washington DC to meet with the highest-level education-focused leaders of agencies such as: 

  • The World Bank 
  • International Finance Corporation 
  • Inter-American Development Bank 
  • Millennium Challenge Corporation 
  • U.S. Agency for International Development 

World Bank Group
Inter-American Development Bank
Millennium Challenge Corporation
The United States Agency for International Development

These organizations manage education projects daily. They will showcase some of their projects and present the role of education in international settings from their perspective. We believe these sessions will inspire you to become involved and develop an understanding of the intricacies of global education projects.

Early Bird Rates*:

Worlddidac Member: CHF 2700,-

Non  Member: CHF 3750,- 

*Until: Sept 15th, 2024

From September 16th, 2024 :

Worlddidac Member: CHF 3200,-

Non Members: CHF 4250,-

International development organizations have set themselves the goal of supporting developing countries in finding solutions to the problems that can arise from global inequality and poverty. Education continues to be an essential driver and instrument to adapt to global changes. In the face of different political agendas and new challenges, awareness of the need for more collaboration/coordination amongst the other actors (private sector, government and non-governmental organizations) is increasing.

The WorldDidac delegation to Washington, DC, was a transformational experience.  The delegation significantly allowed the development of key contacts in many agencies dedicated to developing TVET education worldwide. The information that was shared during the meetings brought great insight in how members of WorldDidac could engage with these agencies at many levels. Developing a keen insight into how projects are managed and funded not only helped me in my desire to work closer with them but with other members as well. (Jason Scales, Director of Global Education Lincoln Electric)

The Delegation to Washington last Nov. 22, offered me a unique opportunity to expand our global reach. We were informed of how and where the educational business can move in a medium-term period worldwide, mainly which are the new markets and countries to explore. Also, it was a chance to foster valuable relationships and gain firsthand knowledge of the situation from different countries, in terms of government investment in the educational sector, making it a worthwhile endeavor looking to grow their business on a global scale. (Myriam Bonilla Garcia, CEO Edibon)