Delegation to Kenya

As Africa’s pursuit of economic growth intensifies, the importance of vocational education has never been more apparent. The continent’s efforts to cultivate a skilled workforce and drive economic development hinge on the evolution of vocational education, shaped by several pivotal factors.

Need for the skilled workforce: With a growing job market and increasing demand for skilled workers, African countries require qualified labour to meet the needs of their evolving economies.

Modernization and diversification: Vocational education in Africa is increasingly being modernized and diversified to meet the changing demands of the job market. This includes introducing new teaching methods, integrating technology into education, and promoting entrepreneurship and innovative thinking.

Partnerships and collaboration: Many African countries collaborate with international organizations, governments of other countries, and private companies to improve vocational education. These partnerships help share resources and expertise and develop innovative solutions.

Challenges and obstacles: Despite progress, challenges such as limited financial resources, inadequate infrastructure, a shortage of qualified teachers, and a mismatch between educational content and job market requirements persist.

Government’s key role: African governments promote vocational education by developing policies, providing financial support, and creating a favourable environment for collaboration with other stakeholders.

In this context, we want to draw your attention to Worlddidac’s “Trade Delegation” event in Kenya. Participating members can gain valuable insights into the education landscape, offer their solutions or make direct proposals for cooperation, thus contributing to the development of vocational education and training through implementation in Kenya.

Delegation of WorldDidac members to Nairobi, Kenya, 3-4 June 2024.

A tentative schedule looks as follows:

Day 1 Arrival of flights

Day 2 Meet with His Excellency/Ministry of Education Kenya

Day 3 Meet with other exciting parties, such as UN / East Africa Agencies.

Day 4 Departure of flights 

This is a singularly valuable opportunity to discuss TVET education issues with the dynamic leader of a key African country and his pertinent Ministers. We will also be meeting with the leaders of International Organizations focused on East Africa and, depending on timing, with other parties, including: 

  2. UNIDO
  5. ILO
  6. KOICA-Korean International Cooperation Agency
  7. African Development Bank
  8. The UN Resident Coordinator Office