What We Do


Worlddidac – a global hub where education comes together


Connecting organizations, companies and experts to encourage dialog, partnership and initiatives to advance educational development and promote innovation.

We want to contribute toward improvement of education in all fields and on all levels. It is our intention to become “the place to go” for anyone who has any questions with regard to education. We may not directly have the answer but, we are very happy to help you look so that the next time the same question arises, we know it.

  • Worlddidac and its members stand for integrity in business and quality in education
  • Worlddidac connects relevant entities together so that synergies can be exploited
  • Worlddidac works with affiliates from individual countries and regions, to ensure knowledge exchange globally
  • Worlddidac engages with Policy Makers to identify, address and resolve gaps in education
  • Worlddidac engages with teachers and educators to innovate and improve solutions
  • Worlddidac organizes and supports conferences / events where education and its improvement is of central importance

We encourage companies who value business integrity and ethics as well as wanting to have a positive impact on education to join us.

We encourage teachers, educators and institution heads to sign up for our newsletters (Events, Members Marketplace and eFlashes) and follow us on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) in order to receive updates on innovations and to interact with our members and affiliates at events.

We encourage national and regional associations who are dedicated to education to affiliate themselves with Worlddidac so that know how is transferred globally.

We encourage NGO’s, GO’s, MNB’s etc. to include Worlddidac in the planning phases of education projects in order to identify different solutions at an early stage.

Do you want to know more? Feel free to contact our Director General.