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Dear Product and Service Providers,

We are pleased to welcome you to the global educational platform. Worlddidac represents a range of organisations that operate across a broad spectrum of educational levels from pre-school through to tertiary education. Our membership offers many benefits and advantages that may be of interest to you. To guide you a relevant partner please answer the following questions:



Integrate green skills development into technical education

The quest for a more sustainable world shapes today’s workplace, redefining professional competency requirements. Technical educators play a crucial...

GUANGDONG VCOM EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. offers training in Optoelectronic Technology

VCOM, the Global Industry Partner of WorldSkills and the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Chongqing offers an...

EDIBON is committed to green hydrogen, the energy of the future.

At EDIBON we consider green hydrogen to be a great opportunity for the future, as due to its advantages,...