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Dear Product and Service Providers,

We are pleased to welcome you to the global educational platform. Worlddidac represents a range of organisations that operate across a broad spectrum of educational levels from pre-school through to tertiary education. Our membership offers many benefits and advantages that may be of interest to you. To guide you a relevant partner please answer the following questions:



How to distinguish mitosis and meiosis

In high schools, mitosis and meiosis are the compulsory courses for students. But it is difficult for students to...

Bareeq Al-Lujain Co. LTD

Bareeq Al-Lujain Co., LTD. making huge investments at the beginning of 2018 in order to develop the educational and...

GPON Laboratory by ЕMC SPb.SUT Company

Educational and Methodical Centre (“ЕMC SPb.SUT”, J.S.C., 61 Moika Rivеr еmb. 191186 St. Реtеrsburg, Russia) – the leading manufacturer...