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Our vision is it to create a unique welding education ecosystem to train welders anywhere at any time with the highest standards. As a global innovation leader and largest solution provider in welding & cutting we run advanced training centers and service all industry segments with the latest technology, equipment and skills training.
As the welding profession continues to mature and evolve, so does the definition of knowing how to weld. These days, welding education is being impacted by a diversification of the welding industry and employers are starting to require specific knowledge and experiences related to welding than ever before. Exposure to robotic automation, advanced welding equipment, exotic materials, specialized code certification, welding theory, welding procedure specifications are also impacting the need for highly skilled and knowledgeable welders. As a result, public, private and training agencies at every level are developing enhanced welding education programs to deliver the workforce that meets the demands of the welding industry to remain globally competitive. In parallel, the need for skilled welding instructors and curriculum with appropriate welding training courses continues to grow. Lincoln Electric – with a century of involvement in welding training, research, instruction, participation in industry groups, code development and support of educator, trade and youth organizations – offers the industry’s most comprehensive group of equipment, electrodes, welding training systems, curriculum and resources available for the welding education market today.

Our educational offerings reflect our company’s experience serving most industry segments in welding. We deliver total welding & cutting education solutions to the right people at the right time, enabling success. Lincoln Electric offers the broadest Welding & Cutting Education Portfolio, from products to trainings, all the way up to complete education solutions. We provide equipment, curriculum, customized trainings, certifications, instructor training and consulting to help set up the right infrastructure for success. Trust in our competencies and our portfolio. When the demand for greater welding productivity, precision and efficiency comes into play, and there’s no room for error, that’s where Lincoln Electric’s expertise can make a real impact. Understanding the different industry segments in welding allows Lincoln Electric the flexibility and creativity to align educational programs that help develop talent for the different industry segments.

Comprehensive Welding Education - Country and customer specific training programs - Train-the-trainer programs - Welding school design - Customizable trainings - Equipment and partner for welding competitions - Welding safety - Certifications & apprenticeships - Welding Education Consulting



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Adult education, Pre-school / Elementary level, Primary level, Special Needs, Secondary, Technical and Vocational training, TVET, Universities
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