A Glimpse at Speexx in 2018

It has been an exciting and busy year for the award-winning online language learning solution, Speexx. Along with the release of a new mobile app, the company also claimed a new round of titles before closing out a successful 2018. Speexx helps large global organizations drive digital transformation, improve training results, and empower employee communication skills across borders. Unlike traditional training providers, Speexx’ Smart Learning solution combines language assessment and continuous learning and performance support. Its SaaS language platform also personalizes learning to fit the individual needs of each user and maintains user motivation to learn, thanks to engaging micro and macro learning activities.


With the recent launch of the Speexx mobile app., users can now practice their language skills anywhere and at any time. Users now have instant access to all their learning activities with a single tap on a smartphone or tablet. Whether they need to attend live training sessions in the virtual classroom or complete video training activities and other exercises, the Speexx app. has it all and is perfect for learners on-the-go.
Push notifications inform users of new activities, instructor feedback on recent assignments, and new, engaging content relevant to their lessons. All activities and results are saved in the user profile and are easily accessible, allowing each user to track progress regularly and reach their goals on time. The app. also includes a variety of exercises designed with IntelliSpeech Speech Recognition, to train correct pronunciation, including specific sounds, single words and entire sentences – a perfect way to squeeze in practice during a morning commute, waiting in line for coffee, and other short breaks throughout the day.

The company’s Smart Learning Solution was also recently recognized by Learning Technologies Awards in London on November 21, where Speexx took home the 2018 Best Online Distance Learning Programme award. Speexx also received its seventh Worlddidac Association Award in Bern on November 7. Additionally, on July 10 in Shanghai, Speexx China won HREC’s Value Award as the Learning and Development Solution Provider in the category of Corporate Language Training Solution Provider – for the second consecutive time. ‘’This award is a great testament of Speexx learning solutions and our great quality of service, as well as the inspiration for our future development,’’ said Jie Lie, PR and Marketing Manager for Speexx China. Speexx China was also granted Training Magazine’s Top 125 Award in Shanghai on November 23, commended for its efforts in helping to successfully train NGOs in remote areas around the world.
To learn more about Speexx and stay updated on the latest news and developments, visit our website at https://www.speexx.com/