Worlddidac invites Associations worldwide to Affiliate

As an association, we recognize the potential achieved when entities cooperate toward a common goal. And because of this, we see the need for associations dedicated to education around the world to work together in advancing and hopefully, harmonizing the world of education.  We truly believe that united, we can create an excellent networking platform for all of our members which will allow businesses to grow and increase recognition internationally. We plan to bring all to the table so that together, we can address the market needs efficiently and sustainably. For these reasons, we are now choosing to collaborate in a new and innovative way with other associations around the world.

Affiliation with Worlddidac

Our new Affiliation Program is open to any officially registered educational associations, institutions, communities or groups. Affiliated organizations will benefit from various promotion efforts of Worlddidac, along with increased networking opportunities. And what’s more, any member of an Affiliated Organization will receive a 25% discount on Worlddidac membership for as long as they remain a member. Furthermore, %10 of such members’ membership fees will then be forwarded to their association/organization.

Affiliation is free of charge and can be cancelled at any time by email.

For more information or to apply for Affiliation, please contact us or visit