Announcement of cooperation between Shandong Yuanda-llongwill Educational Science and Technology Ltd. and leXsolar GmbH. 

leXsolar GmbH, the leading European company in manufacturing new energy and sustainable technology training equipment, and Shandong Yuanda-longwall Educational Science and Technology Ltd., the number one manufacturer in China for STEM products, unique in Data Logging, started cooperation in the design and sales of modern equipment for training equipment to learn the green energies and non-carbon technologies. 

General Manager of Shandong Yuanda-llongwill Educational Science and Technology Ltd.   

Drake Lee (Lee Ding): 

Shandong Yuanda-longwill Educational Science and Technology Ltd., established in 1997, is a high-tech enterprise concentrating on research, production and sales of Digital Experimental products, including physical, chemical, biological, and geological sensors, data loggers, related experimental equipment and software.  

With the cooperation of leXsolar, we will create a new solution for modernising STEM training labs in China. But also to start an international cooperation of experts to bring the strengths together and create the best solution worldwide. 

General Manager of leXsolar GmbH: 

Michael Dietrich 

With the cooperation of Shandong Yuanda-longwill Educational Science and Technology Ltd., we have found a solid partnership for creating technology bundles in new energies, modern data logging, and the possibility to analyze a worldwide solution. 

The transformation of the Chinese economy to a non-carbon economy also brings a huge demand for green-collar job experts. We are proud to start this trustful cooperation because global education and training need global solutions with no borders. 

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A few weeks ago, we at leXsolar offered a webinar specifically aimed at the energy industry in Germany to give the participants an overview of potential business opportunities and possible training sections for both employees and scholars.

About LeXsolar

LeXsolar offers educational systems and products to equip students for the future by exploring renewable energies. Our engaging approach introduces pupils, students, and adults to the subject dynamically and practically, fostering enthusiasm through durable products and proven experiments applicable to everyday school life. We prioritize high-quality, customer-oriented service at leXsolar to ensure a fulfilling learning experience.

Together, we arouse enthusiasm for renewable energies and contribute to the energy turnaround.

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