Strategic Cooperation Agreement for Sino-German Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing Industry.

In order to deepen the Sino-German cooperation in vocational training in China Christiani and the Wuhan Institute of Shipbuilding Technology (WIST) successfully held a “Cloud Signing” ceremony to jointly establish the Sino-German Institute for Intelligent Manufacturing Industry. The online ceremony was concluded with the signing of the cooperation agreement between Mr Wei Shaofeng (WIST) and Mr Ralf Detzel (Christiani).

The WIST was established in 1950 and gradually became a national model of a high-lever vocational school. One of the main objectives of the WIST is to implement the Double High Plan. The Double High Plan is aimed at using advanced training concepts, teaching systems and the model of German vocational training to advance the development of a system for training qualified talents in China. To realise the goals of the Double High Plan the WIST has decided to cooperate with Christiani because Christiani is one of the leading companies for vocational and technical training in Germany with the longest history and a significant experience in vocational training and a great know-how about the German dual system.

In his introductory speech of the “Cloud Signing” ceremony Mr. Wei Shaofeng, Dean of the WIST, pointed out that the Institute is committed to learning and using the advanced practical experience of the dual German vocational training system and to integrate this experience into the Chinese education and industry. The WIST has long been involved in the development of vocational training standards and teacher training systems for the Chinese education system. In collaboration with Christiani, the WIST intends to create a solid basis, which includes the joint development of instructor training, curriculum development and teaching materials. The Sino-German Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing Industry should be developed into an internationally advanced, innovative, and distinctive institute in the field of Industry 4.0 and Made in China 2025.

In his opening speech, Ralf Detzel, Managing Director of Christiani, emphasised the joint willingness of Germany and China to create a solid basis in the vocational training and further training of skilled workers in a rapidly changing world. Mr Ralf Detzel also pointed out that a comprehensive, scientific and detailed curriculum system is one of the focal points of the German dual training system and play a key role in the development of the German economy and in the recruitment of qualified specialists.

The future cooperation between Christiani and the WIST will be in the center of attention:

  • the improvement of the level of vocational training,
  • the focus on practical training,
  • the improvement of the curriculum system,
  • the optimisation of training rooms and teaching materials and
  • the strengthening of the teaching staff.

Automation technology and information technology have developed rapidly in the past and interdisciplinary cooperation is a necessary requirement for the future. Christiani is ready to bring his almost 90 years of expertise and more than 40 years of experience in examination development to the WIST. With the expertise and efforts of both parties, a good and successful cooperation can be achieved.

Article Submitted by

Fabian Kaiser

Dr.-Ing. Paul Christiani GmbH & Co. KG