Christiani HV Trainer – Safe introduction into e-mobility

E-mobility and, in particular, high-voltage technology, are hot topics in automotive technology. The switch from combustion engines to alternative drives requires good training in the field of high-voltage technology and electric drives. With Christiani’s training concept, your personnel will be equipped for e-mobility. The combination of realistic training models and didactic documents communicates practical knowledge and theoretical content from one single source.

The functional model E-drives and HV systems in motor vehicles consist of a drive module and a power supply and control module. The HV system operates with an operating voltage of 96 volts. A complete power supply unit with electronic battery management (BMS), an integrated charger for the HV battery, a control unit with the motor management system, all necessary safety components, Mennekes charging connection (type 2) are built on. The HV system can be enabled either via a service disconnect in the 12V circuit or via a service disconnect in the HV circuit (in the HV battery). In addition, the training system has a rescue disconnection point to represent the disconnection of an accident-damaged vehicle. The HV battery, with 96 volts nominal voltage, is equipped with 32 LiFePO4 / 40Ah cells. The battery management system has a Bluetooth interface. The status (voltage, temperature, balancing rate during the charging process) of each individual battery cell can be displayed via an associated app (Android).

The Christiani HV Trainer:

  • Complete, didactically prepared electric drive train with all required controls
  • All training content and qualification levels required according to the framework curriculum and DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) can be implemented
  • HV battery with battery management system (BMS), Bluetooth interface and Android app incl. tablet for data evaluation
  • Real vehicle-specific functions. No simulation!
  • 26 error circuits via app/tablet
  • High safety in handling and during practical exercises
  • CE-certified

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