Christiani visits its subsidiary in China.

Our business trip took place from 10 November 2023 to 22 November 2023 and marked the first trip to China after the pandemic and after the founding of the subsidiary Christiani Education Technology in Guangzhou, China, in 2021. The Chinese colleagues put together a varied agenda with plenty of exciting visits to a wide range of institutions. The trip enabled us to reconnect with many government authorities and schools, as well as with our subsidiary.

The Sino-German Exchange Conference on Integration of Industry and Education in Guangzhou

The highlight of our visit was the “Sino-German Exchange Conference on Integration of Industry and Education” in the Field of Vocational Education at the Campus of Guangzhou Traffic Technician School. The Sino-German conference was jointly organised by the Guangzhou Communication Technician Institute and Christiani. The conference was attended by well-known leaders and experts from provincial, municipal and district governments, German vocational education experts, representatives from domestic vocational education research institutions, the German enterprise training centre, domestic enterprises, and schools.

Christiani Managing Director Helmut Fromm gave a report on the topic of “Promoting the integration of industry and education in China by modelling it on the German dual vocational training system”. Among other things, Mr Fromm presented the innovative developments in the German dual vocational training system. Mr Wang Jian, Party Secretary and Director of the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, spoke on behalf of the higher leadership. Wang Jian congratulated the college and Christiani on their deep cooperation. He emphasised that the integration of industry and education and the cooperation between colleges and enterprises are the basic model for vocational education. In the presence of everyone, Ms Ren Huixia, Party Secretary of the College, and Mr Liang Libin, General Manager of Christiani China, solemnly signed the “Cooperation Agreement for the Sino-German Industry and Education Integration Project”. This marks the start of a new chapter of friendly cooperation between the two sides.

Great lectures, discussion panels, seminars and a joint exchange on the topic created a good platform for further cooperation. The Sino-German conference also strengthened the dialogue on vocational education concepts and advanced technologies between Germany and China. This contributes to the development of highly qualified professionals who meet the needs of enterprises and industries. In the future, Christiani will continue to promote the development of vocational education in China with its resources.

Further programme during the business trip

Our journey commenced with a visit to Guangzhou Light Industry Technician College, where we immersed ourselves in the rich world of Guangdong handcraft artworks showcased in the College Museum. This handcraft master tradition aligns with the technical school’s ethos. The same tradition in Germany especially in vocational training sector inspired the school and meets the development goals. After a fruitful discussion session, both entities mutually agreed to strengthen their collaboration, particularly focusing on the realms of electric vehicles, and implementing a “Train the Trainer” programme.

On 14 November, Christiani visited the Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province. The added value and growth rate of major industries in Guangdong Province rank first nationwide, and industrial development is steadily improving. Christiani will continue to pursue in-depth Sino-German cooperation with Guangdong Province. There are also plans to set up an international talent training system for Guangdong in order to set an example for investment in the Greater Bay Area and to encourage European companies to settle in the Greater Bay Area.

Another stop on our trip was the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Guangdong Province. The aim of this visit was to introduce German standards of dual vocational training through Chinese-German cooperation. This will further promote the establishment of an international, progressive, modern vocational training system in the Greater Bay Area and contribute to the development of a modern industrial system. In the future, both sides will further deepen the exchange and cooperation in the field of technical education and carry out projects such as skills training and teacher training.

On 17 November, Christiani visited the Shenzhen Institute of Technology. Back in 2018, Christiani and Shenzhen Institute of Technology jointly established the Sino-German Intelligent Manufacturing Institute. After years of development, we have made many achievements in the areas of teacher training, curriculum, and assessment standard, as well as the training of highly qualified talents. In the future, Christiani and Shenzhen Institute of Technology will seize the opportunity of international industry development in Shenzhen, deepen cooperation in the field of industry and talent integration, and promote the high-quality development of Shenzhen’s manufacturing industry.

In Shenzhen, Christiani has also visited Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security. Building on the successful collaboration with the Shenzhen Institute of Technology, the Bureau plans to extend its partnership with Christiani by implementing the collaboration model in other educational institutions and fostering connections with colleagues throughout Shenzhen.

Summary and perspective

Our business trip to China was a complete success. Above all, we were able to meet our Chinese colleagues in person again. Meeting the subsidiaries in person is enormously helpful for the internal climate of the entire company.

We want to thank our subsidiary for the great organisation of the trip. We are very pleased to have refreshed and strengthened our contacts with many organisations such as the Human Resources Department.

Especially the well-structured organisation of the Sino-German Exchange Conference and the interesting contents of the exchange strengthened the reputation and importance of Christiani for all participants of the conference. We continue to regard China as an extremely interesting international market and look forward to further exciting projects in this region.

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