Compact Ripple Tank and Power Supplies from Osaw Industrial Products Pvt. Ltd.

Osaw Industrial Products indroduces its Compact Ripple Tank and Power Supply units.



  • Compact, complete, self-contained and easy to use apparatus with in-built strobe and wave generator.
  • 1 Hz to 250 Hz operation.
  • Digital display and control of vibration and strobe frequency.
  • Synchronous and independent mode of operation.
  • Digital control of vibration amplitude and strobe intensity.
  • Refreshed aesthetics with 13 accessories neatly packed in visible integrated accessory box.
  • Special Camera mode with digital control of vibration amplitude and strobe intensity for classroom projection.
  • Water duct at bottom to accomodate contigency of water spillage.
  • Multi-microcontroller design.

Application : Study of

  • Relation between frequency and wavelength and determination of wave velocity.
  • Reflection (straight, concave and convex barrier) & Refraction (rectangular, convex and concave refractor) of waves.
  • Diffraction of waves at single edge and slit (slit width is greater & less than the wavelength).
  • Interference using double point dipper.
  • Young’s Double Slit Experiment.
  • Llyod’s Mirror and many more.






Excellent Aesthetics


Mains Input Voltage : 220 Volt AC. ( Also available 220 Volt AC or 110 Volt AC Switch selectable models)

All Indosaw power supplies are tested for CE safety requirements like insulation resistance test, ground bond test and dielectric strength test etc.


Power Supply 0- 20V/16V, 1A DC, Dual ±15V, 1A DC & 5V, 1A DC (Regulated)

Power Supply 0-15V AC/DC, 6 A

Power Supply 0-25V AC/DC, 6 A(DC Regulated)

Power Supply 2-14V AC/DC, 6 A (RELAY Based)

Power Supply 2-14 V AC/DC, 6 A (DC Regulated)

Power Supply 2-12 V AC/DC, 6 A

Power Supply 0-600 V DC, 10 mA & 5V, 1A

Power Supply 0-6kV DC, 2mA & 6.3V AC, 2 A

Electromagnetic Power Supply, 10 A

Power Supply 0-30V, 20A/10A/5A DC (Voltage & Current Regulation),12 V & 5V DC,0.5A

Advanced Signal Generator (10Hz-110kHz) with AM/FM Modulation mode

Digital Gauss Meter

For more information please contact Sandeep (Senior Manager Exports)