Dolang Deepened Cooperation with Cambodia

At the invitation of the Cambodian Ministry of Labor on 22nd October 2021, the Handover Ceremony of Donation of Education Training Equipment from Shandong Dolang Technology Equipment Co. Ltd to National Polytechnic Institute of Angkor (NPIA) of Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training of Cambodia and “Online Opening” Launching Ceremony of Dolang Creation (Cambodia) Productive Learning Workshop was successfully held.

H.E Dr Hing Sideth, Delegate of Royal Government of Cambodia in charge as Director General of Directorate General of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (DGTVET), expressed his gratitude to the donation of vocational training equipment of Dolang, which will provide a platform for promoting the development of vocational education in Cambodia and lay a solid foundation to further deepen cooperation between the two parties. He expects that after the pandemic is over, friends from Dolang would be able to go to Cambodia for field trips to discuss friendship and cooperation.

Dr Mob Sinuon, Director of NPIA, stated that under this severe pandemic, the donation of equipment of Dolang and the launching of Dolang Creation (Cambodia) Productive Learning Workshop for NPIA have provided great help for the improvement of vocational skills of the students of NPIA, which will assist the students to carry out productive study and will further improve the quality of their learning. It is hoped that today’s donation ceremony can lay a solid foundation for the two parties to further deepen international cooperation in the integration of production and education.

Mr Jiang Zuodong, CEO of Shandong Dolang Technology Equipment Co., Ltd, expressed the hope that through this donation and the establishment of the “Dolang Creation (Cambodia) Productive Learning Workshop”, more and more promising young people in Cambodia can be inspired to become talents and serve the country with skills. It is hoped that this event could play the fundamental role of education and enterprises in promoting the economic development, industrial upgrading and people-to-people exchanges between the two countries; realize interconnection, intercommunication, interaction, and mutual integration; jointly create a bright future of the win-win cooperation, and ultimately make new contributions to Sino-Cambodian friendship.

The launching of Dolang Creation (Cambodia) Productive Learning Workshop could serve as a bridge between China and Cambodia and other ASEAN countries in vocational education and industrial robots and other vocational skills competitions, optimize and integrate resources, jointly create an international exchange and cooperation platform, innovate production and education integration models, and cultivate training international high-quality skilled talents. This is the actual need for educational exchanges and cooperation between China and ASEAN and the countries along the “Belt and Road”. It is also a practical action in the field of China’s vocational education to open up to the outside world. It will surely open a new chapter in Sino-Cambodian cooperation and exchanges in a new era.

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Mingda Mao

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