EDIBON AEL-EHV Computer Controlled Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Application

At EDIBON we continue developing new Technical Education Solutions to adapt our range of products to new technologies and the needs of the current market.

 This time we want to present our AEL-EHV Computer Controlled Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Application.

AEL-EHV is an application designed by EDIBON for the theoretical and practical training of the different topologies of electric/hybrid vehicles most used today.

Given the diversity of electric vehicle configurations that can be studied, this application has been developed under a modular format so that the user, student or researcher can implement the topology of the electric/hybrid vehicle to be studied. This is a great advantage over other similar applications on the market, as it makes it possible to compare the operation, efficiency and way of working of each of the existing electric vehicle topologies.

The “AEL-EHV” application basically consists of three parts:

  • 100% electric vehicle (included): it is formed by a series of modules included in the “AEL-EHV” application that allow studying the operation of the 100% electric vehicle.
  • Hybrid vehicle (recommended): it is formed by a module recommended working with the “AEL-EHV” application that will allow studying the operation of hybrid vehicles.
  • Electric vehicle recharging point (recommended): this is a real recharging system for electric vehicles recommended to work with modules.

With this application, the user can easily assemble the main parts of the electric vehicle such as the combustion engine, the frequency controller with regeneration system and the electric traction motor with the capacity to regenerate energy in situations of braking or downhill. Because it is the user who assembles each of the configurations, the learning and knowledge acquired with this application goes far beyond the standard. The application includes an electrical analyzer that, among many other parameters show the electrical power flows from the battery to the electric motor (traction mode) or from the electric motor to the battery (regenerative braking mode).

This Computer Controlled Unit is supplied with the EDIBON Computer Control System (SCADA) and includes The unit itself + Computer Control, Data Acquisition and Data Management Software Packages, for controlling the process and all parameters involved in the process.

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