EDIBON, at the forefront of biomedical engineering education

Edibon has the largest offer in the market of equipment for didactic purposes for the different areas of biomedical engineering, highlighting biomechanics and biomedical electronics.

In the field of Medical Technology, Biomedical Equipment refers to those devices intended for medical and surgical care, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, with the purpose of automating clinical processes. The future of Biomedical Equipment focuses on the search for the highest possible quality of life for patients, the design of autonomous clinical processes with which reliable and safe results are obtained, in addition to developing technological advances in chemical synthesis and biological analysis equipment. Another trend of biomedical equipment is their control by computer, electronic medical records and telemedicine.

The inclusion of this area in its portfolio is the result of a considerable process of R&D and cooperation agreements with the most renowned agents and institutions, placing the company as a reference in technical equipment for engineering worldwide.

About EDIBON International

EDIBON International is a family business based in Madrid (Spain) and dedicated, since 1978, to the design, manufacture and marketing of practical teaching equipment for a variety of technical disciplines including physics, energy, aerodynamics, mechatronics or chemical engineering.

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Article submitted by
Myriam Bonilla
Chief Commercial Officer
EDIBON International