European Vocational Championship Industry 4.0 2023 

From October 4 to 6, 2023, the European Vocational Championship Industry 4.0 2023 was held in Wels, near Linz, Austria. 

At the EuroSkill Gdańsk 2023 vocational championship, only one team was missing to officially register the skill 48 Industry 4.0. So, the six teams that registered to Gdansk decided to hold this alternative competition in Austria under the umbrella of Skills Austria. 

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Industry 4.0 has become an indispensable part in manufacturing. It needs skilled workers with special IT knowledge. That’s why these career competitions are also important for companies, namely as a talent exchange. Young experts show that they can immediately apply their knowledge on the job after completing their vocational education and training – a huge advantage for employers. 

Sasa Simovic of Festo Didactic, Chief Expert Industry 4.0 at WorldSkills Europe, made sure that the competition was running smoothly and that all teams got the technical support needed. On Saturday, Oct 7, the winner teams of the European Skill Championship Industry 4.0 2023 finally got their medals. Congratulations to the precious experience and top performance of all teams! 

Gold medal: team Germany (DE) 
Silver medal: team Czech Republic (CZ) 
Bronze medal: team Finland (FI) 

Source: Festo

Seven European teams 

Teams from these countries competed against each other: DE, AT, BE, CZ, FI, PL and UK. Poland has taken the opportunity to register at short notice. They know about the importance of the competitions: already in 2022, they sent competitors to the WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition in Stuttgart. Finland took part for the first time and won a medal right away – well done. 

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IT Applications 

The tasks during the three days included, among others, the applications OPC UA, Node-RED, codesys programming, MQTT communication protocols, cyber security, the development of AR and Digital Twin. Festo as Global Industry Partner of WorldSkills provided the competition equipment, the CP Lab Industry 4.0. With this holistic learning system trainers cover all features of industry 4.0. 

Source: Festo

We are happy to share good news: two participants of the skill Industry 4.0 at WorldSkills Competition 2023 Special Edition in Stuttgart started on very attractive positions at Siemens and ÖBB (AT) after having finished their vocational education. These are brilliant examples how technical education and industry match perfectly. 

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Do you have any questions? Sasa Simovic is happy to help.

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