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How to attract new talents to the STEAM industry

18 Sepember 2020

What works in attracting talents? Exacerbated by the rapid transformation of advanced technology, sustainability regulations and demographic changes, organisations across the world are confronted with keeping up with the recruitment of highly-skilled candidates. And this despite worldwide unemployment caused by COVID-19.  

The struggle to attract talents

Suppose you are in charge of human resources and recruitment for a STEAM organisation. In that case, you are likely to relate to the battle of drawing and retaining highly-skilled employees. It appears to be particularly challenging to find candidates possessing soft skills – such as the ability to adapt, act agile, to apply business acumen and sustainability know-how on the job. 

Since high salary packages are no longer a priority for young professionals at the workplace, corporations need to provide unconventional methods to recruit talents. The STEAM skills shortage is a myth. “Employers have to ask themselves why candidates prefer to work with start-ups and innovative firms outside of the core STEM sectors“, according to ARM, an award-winning recruitment organisation. In a detailed white paper, ARM highlights the fact that employers simply do not understand what job seekers really want.

So, what can be done?

New generation. New values.

Take into account the differing personal values between departing and upcoming generation of employees. Young professionals expect the organisational culture to align with clearly established business goals, corporate social responsibilities activities, and flexible working hours. Just take a look at the career pages of innovative firms such as Salesforce, Cisco and Apple, etc. These desirable workplaces are consistently attracting talents across the world with their future-oriented work practices.

Utilise social media marketing

Whether you use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter – social networks are practical for sourcing potential talents across the globe. Feed the imagination of future employees on what it would be like to be part of your company. And most importantly engage with your followers by responding to comments and asking questions. LinkedIn Talent Solutions is particularly useful for finding, connecting with and managing candidates. 

Leverage employer branding

Promote your corporate culture on social media to access talents and draw interest in your company. Hilton Hotels & Resorts are an excellent inspiration for employer branding. Check out Hilton Careers’ Facebook page where interactive social posts are uploaded every week. The hospitality service chain portrays an inclusive workplace, equal growth opportunities, celebrate employee achievements, and corporate social responsibility projects aligned to the needs of countries across the globe. Besides, Hilton ranks as the world’s best workplace for four years in a row. 

Certify as a “Great Place to Work”

The definition of a great workplace is beyond high remunerations and fancy parties. In fact, employee experiences such as camaraderie, pride and trust embody essential factors for a positively distinctive corporate culture. As a global authority on workplace culture, Great Place to Work® certifies organisations of different sizes and industries in over 50 countries. 

You can work towards certification by Great Place to Work® through their Certification Program, Best Workplaces lists and Culture Consulting Services. 

Corporations must apply creative ways to attract, engage and retain STEAM talents. Be proactive in using innovative talent recruitment strategies that sell your work environment. Make change a constant and keep informed of the latest innovations and technologies, which may impact your business. Build a strong culture to drive employee engagement. 

Part of your company’s commitment is to create a more inclusive workplace by encouraging employee involvement. 

Employee turnovers are costly, so retaining the next generation of STEAM professionals is as essential as attracting them. Continuously invest in building the capacities and skills of your employees. A fundamental approach of recruiting qualified workers to STEAM is to promote lifelong career opportunities, which aim for employee satisfaction. 

About the author

Rita Isiba is the founder of Aphropean Partners and Frontiers of Dialogue Forum in Austria. She is also an Associate Partner of Funkensprung, a chain of hubs for creativity, entrepreneurship and networking scattered across Vienna. As an engagement specialist, trainer and facilitator, she supports organisations with a need to prepare for international business development assignments with a focus on Africa and Europe. Rita Isiba resides in Vienna with her partner and daughter. She is also active on LinkedIn, where she shares her views of organisational culture and business trends impacting growth.


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