GUANGDONG VCOM EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. offers training in Optoelectronic Technology

VCOM, the Global Industry Partner of WorldSkills and the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Chongqing offers an online training program on Optoelectronic Technology open to all individuals interested in enhancing their skills. The training program will likely improve your understanding of optoelectronics and prepare you for real-world applications.

Optoelectronics is a field that combines optics and electronics to study and utilize the interaction between light and electronic devices. It encompasses various technologies such as fibre optics, lasers, LED lighting, solar cells, etc.

Upon completing this training, participants will understand various topics comprehensively, including an introduction to lamp components, production techniques, installation procedures, display screen debugging and calibration, and light strip production, wiring, and control. Additionally, all qualified attendees will be awarded a certificate by Guangdong Vcom Education Technology Co., Ltd.

The training program will feature a blend of theoretical explanations and practical demonstrations, allowing participants to hone their skills using the consumables and knowledge provided by the host organization.

This complimentary course is scheduled for 12-15 June 2023 and will be hosted in two sessions:

20:00 -21:40(GMT+8)

Registration is possible until the beginning of the course! Use the button below.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Jennifer Huang, Director of the International Department at VCOM, via email at

About VCOM

Vcom is a vocational education integration solution service provider and the first global partner of World Skills International from China. They have been serviced in the telecommunication industry for 25 years and have cooperated with hundreds of schools all over China.

By 25 years of development, Vcom provides a comprehensive portfolio of generic cabling products and education equipment to various markets, including education, medical care, residence, data centre, Infrastructure, etc.

With a comprehensive vocational education system, VCOM has trained around 1000 participants from China and overseas. It also has co-founded five national training bases and built over 50 training classrooms of information network cabling in China. Moreover, international training bases were set up in the Philippines, Abu Dhabi, Russia, and Zambia.

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