How does a 3D printer turn lessons into research?

Elizlabs is a Ukrainian manufacturer, exclusive importer, and reliable supplier of modern educational equipment. Since 2016, the company has been creating complex solutions in natural sciences, mathematics, STEM, humanities, and inclusive education. One of the company’s developments is the Educational 3D Tech Laboratory, which adds innovation and interactivity to the learning process.

Technological progress promotes globalization and digital transformation, so educational institutions can help students acquire the necessary skills to succeed in future careers. By integrating 3D modelling technology into existing academic programs, teachers can leverage the 3D Tech Laboratory as a powerful educational tool.

What is a 3D Techno Laboratory?

3D Tech Lab is a ready set of equipment designed for STEM classes, laboratories, and extracurricular clubs focused on technological education. This kit integrates the entire cycle of natural sciences and computer science.


  • 3D printer
  • Consumables set for creating visual models for 1 academic year
  • Robotics construction set for educational courses
  • Additional components for organizing an educational materials fabricator
  • Universal case for storage and transportation of equipment

The 3D Tech Lab kit can be customized to expand its capabilities. For example, there is an option to upgrade the 3D printer modification for remote learning. More units of technological equipment, additional sets of robotics constructions, an educational 3D scanner (3D Scan Kit), and other consumables and components can be added if the educational institution has specific educational needs.

All equipment, materials, models, and programs correspond to the principle of multidisciplinarity and multi-level education. The 3D Tech Lab considers the specifics of Ukrainian education, existing state educational programs, future trends in STEM development, and the global implementation of inclusive components.

Ways of using 3D Techno Laboratory for an educational institution

One of the main tasks of a teacher is to engage and captivate students in the learning process. The 3D Tech Lab can be applied not only within the STEM field. It is only necessary to turn on the imagination and use the possibilities of 3D modeling and printing. For example, by creating and printing two red hydrogen atoms, one larger white oxygen atom, and sticks for connecting the atoms, a teacher can demonstrate the structure of a water molecule in a much more engaging way than simply writing the formula on the board. Students will clearly understand the chemistry with such an interactive presentation.

Here are just a few examples of how schools and students can use the laboratory across various subjects:

  • Robotics: Creating moving robots from individual parts
  • Graphic Design: 3D modeling versions of their art creations
  • STEM: Improving skills in construction, modeling, spatial imagination, and engineering
  • Geography: Printing topography
  • Chemistry: 3D printing molecular models
  • History: Printing historical artifacts for study
  • Biology: Creating cells, viruses, organs, and other biological artifacts
  • Mathematics: Printing 3D models for solving problems

This is not the entire list, as students can improve their knowledge in robotics, engineering, web design, information technology, architectural design, and other STEM fields. For example, students have the opportunity to create four types of universal robotics constructions for varied interdisciplinary combinations, such as studying the basics of automated transport, equipment for automated manufacturing, industrial and bionic systems. Such extensive use of the 3D Tech Lab is made possible through 3D printing with the “Print one Click” or “Print to Cloud” technology, robotics on the Arduino platform, microcontroller programming options, robot replication capabilities, and the ability to replicate visual educational materials.

Teachers can use the 3D Tech Lab to achieve new levels of productivity and implement valuable digital tools to enhance learning opportunities for students. The laboratory also enables teachers to improve their teaching methods and personalize them. Schools can benefit from these technologies by reducing costs on educational materials, increasing the efficiency of the educational curriculum, and making the best use of the teacher’s time.

What about the safety and quality?

The 3D Tech Lab is the optimal choice for use in educational institutions, as safety and quality are the key characteristics of the kit. The maintenance and operation process is quick and easy. Weak elements in the fastenings, open heat sources, and electrical current are absent, which is crucial when working with children. Consumable and packaging materials are created according to the Eco-friendly concept. Printed models and elements are biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and safe for disposal.

Advantages of Using the 3D Tech Lab

Thanks to the engaging learning process with the use of the 3D Tech Lab, teachers can spark curiosity in children and enhance their interest, which will be reflected in successful learning.

No matter what curriculum is used, 3D Techno Lab can help students and teachers perform better. The interactivity of the process prevents students from becoming passive consumers of information on the screen, encouraging them to think about productivity and explore details in reality. Unlike traditional classes, STEM laboratories make students active and engaged participants through interactivity, project design, project execution, and collaborative interaction.

These technologies provide students with easy access to information and interesting opportunities to practice what they are learning. This allows them to explore new subjects and deepen their understanding of complex concepts, especially in the STEM field. Through the use of the 3D Tech Lab in and beyond the classroom, students can gain 21st-century technical skills essential for future professions.

About Elizlab

With over seven years of experience in the educational equipment market, the company has established itself as a leading supplier of modern equipment for public and private academic institutions in Ukraine. A noteworthy accomplishment includes the company securing first place in the “Country’s Choice” status for “Online School Equipment Store of the Year in Ukraine” in 2022 and 2023, according to the analytical centre “Country’s Choice.”

As a Ukrainian manufacturer and exclusive importer, the company takes pride in offering a diverse range of products that align with the requirements and recommendations of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine. Elizlab’s commitment involves the timely provision of quality and safe equipment to schools, kindergartens, inclusive centres, and vocational and higher educational institutions at advantageous prices, considering the allocated budget and the specific needs of each educational institution.

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