HY+ at the Dubai World Expo

The University of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education HY+ is part of the Finland Pavilion with the Education Finland cluster during the Dubai World Expo. The Expo is organised from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022. 

‘Sharing Future Happiness’ is the main theme of Finland’s participation at the Expo, and the Finland Snow Cape Pavilion will share the key strengths of Finnish happiness: nature and sustainability, functionality and wellbeing, and education and know-how.

HY+ and the Education Finland cluster will be presenting the Finnish education system and
global services offered by the Finnish education providers, which are part of the Education Finland cluster at the Expo.

Sharing the Finnish Education Expertise 

The world-renowned Finnish education system feeds solutions to both local and global challenges, and it is known to be the foundation of Finland’s success. Finnish people value education highly, and Finland is frequently voted one of the best countries for education in the world.

At the Dubai World Expo, HY+ and the Education Finland cluster will share the Finnish education expertise and present services aimed for the educational sector all over the world.

HY+ offers services based on the expertise of the University of Helsinki; the oldest, largest, and highest-ranked university in Finland. The services range from reform projects to short trainings for governments, institutions, and individuals.

HY+ has an evidence-based track record in creating individually designed training programmes and managing various development programmes to enhance the capabilities and competences of its partnering organisations. All services are developed in close collaboration with the specialists of the internationally esteemed and highly ranked Faculty of Educational Sciences of the University of Helsinki.

HY+ helps to evaluate the current performance and impact of your education system and designs and executes education reform projects at all educational levels from pre-primary to tertiary education.

You can learn more about the HY+’s services presented at the Dubai World Expo here.

Article Submitted By:

Saara Kankainen

University of Helsinki

Centre for Continuing Education HY+