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In-service Training for Education Professionals

Faculty of Educational Sciences of the University of Helsinki is ranked 35th worldwide in the Times Higher Education university rankings. As the leading university and teacher educator in Finland, the University of Helsinki has played an instrumental role in building success in Finnish education. Due to this success, the offering of University of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education HY+ has a strong emphasis on programmes aimed at education professionals.

Teacher Training and Capacity Building Programmes

The proven success of the Finnish education system and its merits in teacher training provide an excellent basis for Customised In-service Teacher Training Programme. The programme focuses on evidence-based practice and active professional learning. Depending on the programme’s specific objectives, the duration can vary from one week up to an academic year.

Innovative Finnish Teaching Methods programme offers an opportunity for K-12 teachers and principals to familiarise themselves with innovative teaching methods, such as creative problem-solving strategies. Using creative problem-solving methodology increases learning motivation and students’ critical thinking skills. The programme also helps to create supportive and student-centred learning environments. The duration of the programme is usually from one to two weeks.

Teachers’ Capacity Building Programme prepares teachers to facilitate change on a personal, classroom and school-level. The goal of the programme is to support sustainable change which will have a far reaching impact on the education system. The main objective of the programme is to develop participant’s ability to enable change in their respective educational institutions. The duration of the programme can vary from few months up to an academic year or even longer.

Programmes for Educational Leaders

Dynamic and competent leadership is critical for ensuring success in education. Ongoing proficiency in school leadership is therefore essential for building and maintaining an effective education system.

Leadership Development Programme is a combination of academic content and intensive training for developing professional leadership skills. The main objective of the programme is to enhance the skills and knowledge of the participants in the field of school leadership. It also helps participants to develop their personal leadership approaches. The duration of the programme typically varies from one to two weeks.

The teacher training and capacity building programmes are also suitable for principals, vice-principals, and administrative professionals in the field of education. The success of every programme is rooted in the expertise of the Finnish school system, which makes them excellent for educational leaders willing to invest in the future of their education system.

Peek into the Finnish Education System

The unique Eduvisit concept of Univeristy of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education HY+ provides you with an insight into the Finnish education system during an educational visit to Helsinki, Finland. The Eduvisit concept allows you to network with Finnish schools, companies, and government organisations and also includes site visits to a Finnish school or kindergarten.

Eduvisits are tailored for groups of 10 people or more. The duration of an Eduvisit can vary from a few hours to a few weeks depending on the group’s specific requirements. Eduvisits are aimed at practicing teachers, teachers-in-training, principals, administrative professionals in the field of education, and anyone interested in learning about the Finnish educational system.

Education Master Class concept offers education professionals an opportunity to deepen their competence under the guidance of distinguished experts from the University of Helsinki. The programme provides comprehensive insight into a selected professional subject area. A site visit to a kindergarten, school or the Finnish National Agency for Education can also be included. Master Classes take place in Helsinki, Finland, and the duration of the programme typically varies from one to three weeks.