INDOSAW Power Supplies

INDOSAW, established in 1993 is a leading supplier of science education laboratory equipment. An ISO 9001: 2008 Company certified by TUV South Asia Pvt. Ltd., Indosaw covers complete science laboratory curriculum for Physics, Chemistry and Biology for schools and higher educational institutes.

Indosaw covers a wide range of power supplies for general purpose laboratory and workshop use, specifically for Physics and Electronics experiments. All Indosaw power supplies are tested for CE / UL and CSA safety requirements like insulation resistance test, earth bond test, dielectric strength test etc.
Also, special Power Supplies can be developed upon request.


• Reliable
• Sturdy
• Stackable
• Excellent Aesthetics
• Portable
• Teacher’s lockable knob to limit the maximum voltage
• Resettable overload protection
• Universal & customized 110V/220V mains operations
• Long switch lifetime
• Safety sockets are provided for both AC & DC output
• Split Bobbin Transformer Design with additional inbuilt thermal protection
• Tolerates short circuits


Sr. No  Model No.                           Input                                                  Output
1           SE1085                                110/220V AC                                  2-14V DC/AC, 6A; Selectable Output
2          SE1078                                110/220V AC                                   2-14V DC/AC, 6A; DC Regulated; Selectable Output
3          SE1077                                 110/220V AC                                  1V AC/2 V DC, 10A
4          SE1080                                110/220V AC                                   0-6kV DC, 2mA/50µA; 6.3V AC, 2A; Continuous Output