Inspiration for integrating sustainable topics into training programs

To what extent is sustainability integrated into your courses and training programs? Are you looking for inspiration?

The concept of green education is getting traction all over the world. It aims at instilling sustainable thinking and engaging students in pro-environmental behavior in their personal and professional lives. The quest for sustainability is a burning global issue for governments, organizations, businesses, and individuals, therefore an increasing number of institutions and organizations are integrating sustainability topics into their curriculum.

“Sustainability and energy efficiency are major challenges for our generation and all industries. When it comes to technical education, it’s important to make young professionals aware of this and empower them for it,” says Dr. Hans Jörg Stotz, Member of the Management Board of Festo Didactic.

A sustainable room: a learning playground for VTET students

ROC Friese Poort, a Dutch vocational school, is a good example of a successful green education project. It is Center for Sustainability, featuring the Sustainable House, sparks curiosity and familiarizes future professionals with renewable and energy efficiency-related topics.

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Learning from nature to inspire the youth

However, sustainability-oriented training can be integrated well before vocational school. At the recent LKDF Forum 2021, Simone Schmid, Project Lead of STEAM & Bionics4Education at Festo Didactic, explained how programs aimed at the youth are designed to support inclusivity, digitalization, and green skills.  

“Not only bionics, but also related topics such as sustainability, environmental and climate protection, resource and energy efficiency, and biological transformation are topics of the future. Bionics invites us to think outside the box, both in industry and in education. The sooner you start teaching children about sustainability, the better for our future.” Simone Schmid, Project Lead of STEAM & Bionics4Education

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Browse a catalog of multimedia, turnkey courses that address sustainable topics

Preserving natural resources and reducing our carbon footprint requires a skilled workforce capable of leading and accelerating the energy transition.

To facilitate learning and teaching on a variety of sustainability topics, Festo provides the technical education community with comprehensive courses to develop relevant skills.

Examples of topics covered: basics of solar power, introduction to sustainability, water treatment, car charging stations, wind turbines, smart grid, and more!  

Go to our online portal Festo Learning Experience, create your free account, browse courses, and get inspired!

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