K&H MFG. CO. LTD: Why engineers-to-be must learn the concept of electromagnetic interference (EMI)?


Generally, EMI is electromagnetic disturbance which interferes normal operation of electronic products. EMI exists in many ways in our daily life, yet it could degrade the overall performance of electronic products and could be harmful to user’s health.

In response to the exponential electronics industry development, international regulations mandating EMI control have increased which implied the importance of the finished products electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC). The standard of EMC aims to assure a products safety, it is therefore necessary to consider this factor while producing high-quality electronic products.

In order to meet the EMI control regulations, engineers should carefully consider how to reduce a products EMI during the manufacturing process. Otherwise, there will be a considerable modification and improvement cost for companies to detect the relevant issues afterwards.

As K&H has been dedicated to provide the professional education equipment, we therefore introduce EMC-100 to make sure students understand the concepts of EMI & EMC before designing circuits.


The ideal platform for learning EMI & EMC

EMC-100 experiment system contains measurement instrument and training modules.

Measurement Instrument: It is designed to measure electromagnetic interference (EMI), including conductivity of electromagnetic interference and radiated electromagnetic interference.

Training modules: They allow students to easily implement the experiments and learn the concepts of electromagnetic interference and develop effective suppression countermeasure for various layout designs.



The feature of EMC-100

  • We provide experimental modules & suppression components for learning electromagnetic interference and suppression countermeasure. Hundreds of suppression experimental modes are introduced in the manual.
  • The EMI measurement unit includes line impedance stabilization network, a pre-amplifier and a spectrum analyzer providing electromagnetic interference verification on circuits.
  • The professional measurement software provides analysis, scanning and data saving functions.
  • EMC-100 is especially suitable for beginners to learn EMI & EMC concepts without building an echoic chamber, since the design of this smart device is highly portable and flexible.

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