leXsolar launches a new training series on HYDROGEN solutions and FUEL CELL technologies

leXsolar is proud to announce the launch of its new training series on HYDROGEN solutions and FUEL CELL technologies. In combination with other topics of leXsolar’s competence areas the new training series provides each participant with a great overview of global hydrogen projects and helps to better understand both technologies at different levels of competency – Beginner, Advanced or Expert.

A few weeks ago, we at leXsolar offered a webinar specifically aimed at the energy industry in Germany to give the participants an overview of potential business opportunities and possible training sections for both employees and scholars.


leXsolar provides learning systems and products which prepare students for the future with renewable energies. Pupils, students and adults are introduced to the subject in a vivid and practical way and therefore, become enthusiastic thanks to durable products and experiments that have been proven in everyday school life. leXsolar focuses on high quality and on customer-oriented service.

Together we arouse enthusiasm for renewable energies and make a contribution to the energy turnaround.

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Michael Dietrich

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