Loyalty Program and Member4Member

Dear members! It’s time we say thank you for all that you do. Worlddidac is what it is because of you and so we want to give back. This is why we are delighted to reveal two separate programs we have been building for Worlddidac members.

First of all, thank you to everyone who completed the 2017 Worlddidac Member Survey. The feedback you’ve provided us has helped us understand our current situation and has confirmed that our efforts behind the scenes have been on the right track. Backed by our findings, we are happy to introduce our next steps: Loyalty Program and the Member4Member Program.

Loyalty Program

First of all, we recognize the value in commitment and see the need to thank those members who have contributed consistantly over the years. The new Loyalty Program will be our tool to do this.

The Loyalty Program will begin to take effect starting with the 2018 membership fees (due at year end 2017). This program will consist of three separate discounts as follows:

  1. 5-9 years = 5% discount on membership fees
  2. 10-19 years = 10% discount on membership fees
  3. 20 or more years = 20% discount on membership fees


Member4Member Program

Next, we find it necessary to officially acknowledge the role that networking plays within Worlddidac. Worlddidac is a quality-based association which means we pride ourselves in the character and proficiency of our members. We also see that the best people to bring on additional, quality members are the ones already within the association. There’s no better way for a new member to integrate into the community than by referral of an existing member and this why we now bring to you the Member4Member referral program (starting October 1, 2017).

Under Member4Member, all parties involved will benefit:

  • Existing Members: Reduction of the yearly membership fee (the credit note is 20% of the signing-up member’s net fee)
  • Signing up Member: 5% one-time, sign-up discount on the first year’s fee
  • WDD Association: Increase the number of paying members while maintaining membership quality standard as a result of referrals

Once again, thank you to all of the members who make Worlddidac possible. We hope you enjoy these first new benefits, we hope they prove that we are focussed on you and your interests, and look forward to being able to bring you more value as time goes on!