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In the autumn of 2021 MSM Studio and our Kuala Lumpur based partner Pelangi Publishing joined forces to enter a tender organised by the Ministry of Education of Malaysia for ELT products in a digital format. The scope of the tender encompassed the delivery of a multimedia English course in an on-line and off-line format (yes, there are places where you still deliver educational software to schools on USB flash drives!), as well as to secure pedagogical input, immediate response to users’ enquiries, and readiness to introduce any changes to the product to fit the Malaysian market.

After a few weeks, which seemed like an eternity for everyone involved, it was announced that the ELT product chosen by the Ministry of Education of Malaysia for Form 4 (primary education) would be Balloon English – MSM Studio’s flagship course of English.  Fantastic news and a moment of glory for MSM Studio – a Worlddidac’s proud member!

Early in December 2021 Balloon English was distributed to almost 8,300 schools all over the country. Right now, millions of Malaysian students are using Balloon English a few times a week at school.

Balloon English is a multimedia course of English for primary education. There are 312 lessons containing 2,300+ interactive screens with 5,000+ activities, animations, games, songs, and personalised feedback.

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Since 2008 MSM Studio has been producing digital content and software solutions for primary, secondary and vocational education. Our products are used by individual students, schools, universities, educational publishers and government organisations worldwide. MSM Studio is the creator and publisher of Balloon — a series of SCORM-compliant language courses covering English for primary education, English for secondary education and business English.

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