New Basic Member – MIMBUS SAS, France

Worlddidac Association welcomes a new Basic Member from France – MIMBUS SAS

MIMBUS Inc is established in the industry worldwide, with headquarters in Saint-Jean, France.

They are experts in revolutionising vocational training by providing instructors with innovative tools to train their students in welding faster, safely, and with lower costs.

In general, MIMBUS Inc accompanies you in integrating your new immersive solution. They are a comprehensive high-tech company in France-wide analysis of your course, equipment installation, and training in your facilities. They also support trainers and certify them in immersive pedagogy.

MIMBUS Inc is committed to establishing and further developing a modern and practical vocational training system. MIMBUS Inc also works with local partners who can meet the needs of all our customers by adapting to the political, societal, and cultural differences specific to each country.

You can find more information about MIMBUS Inc and its solutions on the official website.