New education partnership: World Association of German Schools Abroad and Festo Didactic

Source: Festo Didactic

The World Association of German Schools Abroad (WDA) and Festo Didactic signed a partnership to support German schools abroad with technical education. Fittingly, the signing and launch of the cooperation took place at the didacta education trade fair in Stuttgart on March 7, 2023. Learners at German schools abroad will thus have another opportunity for cutting-edge technical education and career guidance from a benchmark-setting partner.

Promotion of technical education

WDA and Festo Didactic intend to cooperate in selected areas and projects of technical education and training. The aim here is to build a sustainable network to promote technical education and career guidance for learners and young people at German schools abroad that are members of the WDA. For the WDA, Managing Director Thilo Klingebiel signed the cooperation agreement. Elfi Klumpp, Head of Partnership Development Global Education, and Nader Imani, Global Overlay Sales, signed for Festo Didactic.

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Focus on STEM and digital learning.

On the one hand, the STEM area (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, technology) is to be addressed by means of innovative Festo Bionics concepts at WDA schools around the globe. On the other hand, orientation for vocational training and technical courses of study is offered through digital knowledge transfer and skills development, e.g. using the digital learning portal, the Festo Learning Experience (LX) for learners and teachers at WDA schools.

Source: Festo Didactic

WDA Managing Director Klingebiel described it as a milestone to cooperate with leading technical education and training providers from now on. The family-owned company Festo Didactic sets standards in technical education and is a pioneer in digitalization. The cooperation with Festo Didactic, therefore, offers German schools an exclusive opportunity for future-oriented education abroad.

The signing of the educational partnership between WDA and Festo Didactic (from left): Marcela Marín Villegas, Project Manager – Global Education; Nader Imani, Global Overlay Sales; Thilo Klingebiel, Managing Director WDA; Elfi Klumpp, Head of Partnership Development Global Education; Simone Schmid, Project Manager STEM & Bionics Education. Image: Festo Didactic.

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