The H2 Professional 2.0 is a great experimenting kit for all students to investigate the technology of hydrogen production and usage. It can be used for basic training as well as for advanced studies. The electrolysis process operates either with the solar module for green hydrogen production or with the main current for gray hydrogen.

We obtained a new version of a fuel cell stack, which can be dismantled completely into single cells.
Experiments a therefore possible with the stack and the single cells. The fuel cell stack has a maximum power of 1 W. Running the fuel cell is possible with the electrolyser or with the already known H2 Storage Module. Furthermore, we integrated the Wind Machine to analyse the stack effect and the oxygen influence on the fuel cell. Last we added a new car chassis for a fuel cell electric vehicle demonstration. 

Key Facts:

Experimenting with a Solar Module 

Hydrogen production with the Electrolyser 

The efficiency of the Electrolyser 

Production of green hydrogen 

Operating a Fuel Cell Stack

Characteristic Diagram of the Operation 

Fuel Cell

Hydrogen usage of the FC Stack

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