New Platinum Member – Forest Scientific Corporation

We’re thrilled to welcome Forest Scientific Corporation as our newest Platinum Member! With a sterling reputation in the industry, Forest Scientific specializes in crafting cutting-edge CNC Routers, CNC Milling Machines, Wood & Metal CNC Lathes, CNC Plasma Cutters, and Waterjets.

Based in the heart of Pennsylvania, USA, their sprawling 67,000-square-foot factory is a hub of innovation and expertise. They’re not just manufacturing machines but shaping the future of education and industry with every creation. Education is at the core of the Forest CNC’s mission, which focuses on crafting machines for education and training. They’re a global force, serving countless commercial markets worldwide. Forest Scientific’s commitment to excellence doesn’t end with its products. Extensive on-site training is provided upon installation, empowering instructors to teach effectively using their state-of-the-art equipment.

From teacher-led instruction to student self-learning, Forest Scientific has you covered. They offer comprehensive curriculum resources, making learning engaging and dynamic.

✨ Forest Scientific Corporation doesn’t just provide tools. Their precision-engineered machines and unwavering commitment to education pave the way for brighter futures and endless possibilities.

Connect with them to stay updated on their latest innovations and contributions to CNC technology and education.

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