New Platinum Member – Guangdong Vcom Education Technology Co., Ltd

Worlddidac Association is delighted to welcome a new Platinum Member from China – Guangdong Vcom Education Technology Co., Ltd

Guangdong Vcom Education Technology Co., Ltd. is the 19th “Global Industry Partner” of the WorldSkills. For more than 20 years, the company has been helping vocational institutions globally in the skills of Information Network Cabling, Optoelectronic Technology, Electrical Equipment from various professional directions, including the construction of professional industry standards, instructor and skilled talent training programs, competition technical support, and development of learning resources and training environment.

Vcom organized hundreds of provincial and municipal vocational skills competitions, as well as the national ones. They also provided information network cabling products for the 44th WorldSkills competition and provided technical support and products not only to skill information network cabling but also skills like electrical installation and other total 13 skill competitions in the 45th WorldSkills competition, which verifies the quality recognition of Vcom in the global market.

With a comprehensive vocational education system, Vcom has trained about 1000 participants from China and overseas, Vcom also have co-founded 5 national training bases and built more than 50 training classrooms of information network cabling in China. Moreover, the international training bases were set up in Philippines, Abu Dhabi, Russia, Zambia and so on.

More information about the company and its solutions, you can find on the official website