Welcome new platinum member Seabery Augmented Technology!


Worlddidac is pleased to welcome Seabery Augmented Technology as a new platinum member of Worlddidac Association.

Founded in 2007 in  Spain, today Seabery Augmented Technology is a multinational business, leading the global development of Augmented Reality (AR) training technologies, applied to education, most notably in the fields of vocational and industrial training with partners and customers on five continents and more than 45 countries. The flagship product, Soldamatic Augmented Training, is the world’s first technological educational solution offering Augmented Reality simulation. There is great demand for qualified welders globally, from emerging economies to the most industrialized countries, such as Germany and the United States.  Seabery applied Augmented Reality technology to welding because welding is a trade that cuts across nearly every industrial sector.
This solution enables Seabery to train highly qualified welders in a safer, more efficient, less costly and sustainable way.

The vision at Seabery is to fill the gap for trained, skilled labor by creating innovative, educational experiences encouraging passionate learning of valuable trade skills via Augmented Training methodology. Augmented Training is an attractive and motivating training style for young people, leveraging their passion for gaming and technology, preparing them for high-paying and high-demand careers. Augmented training allows students to learn at their own pace, while facilitating the instructor’s role in turning out skilled professionals, each at their own pace, who contribute greatly to the global economy.