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The digital twin concept brought to life: Unlocking the power of Asset Administration Shells.

Imagine a world where different devices, components, and software seamlessly cooperate, regardless of their vendors. It’s a dream many in the digitalization realm share, but it’s not quite a reality yet. We’ve made progress, with technologies like OPC UA on the rise, but we still have work to do.

The missing piece? Describing a system’s capabilities in a standardized, manufacturer-independent way. There’s a solution—the Asset Administration Shell (AAS), a concrete implementation of the Digital Twin. AAS simplifies communication by providing a consistent interface to an asset’s data and functionalities, opening the door to significant value creation. But here’s the challenge: semantic models for annotation must be agreed upon by experts from various fields.

Now, how can we bring this promising technology into the spotlight? Industry 4.0 has made its way into higher education, but practical applications are still limited. This is where Festo comes into play. The solution provider for technical skills development has now designed a learning package which makes it easier for educators to introduce AAS concepts in their classes. The package includes the “Robotino 4 add-on for AAS” and a nine-hour hands-on course on Festo LX, catering to those who would like to integrate forward-thinking topics into their courses and at the same time strive for a practical approach to teaching.

‘By teaching students about Asset Administration Shells, we’re paving the way for them to drive digitalization in industry, inching closer to the much-anticipated interoperability. Introducing tomorrow’s engineers to innovative possibilities can lay the foundation for industry standards of the future.’

– Dr. Stefan Kapp, Product Manager at Festo Didactic SE

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