Sanako embraces new technologies in language learning – the online classroom project

Schools and institutions are currently facing a dilemma where the educational needs and equipment are mismatched. Some schools use iPads or tablets, others used to have a dedicated computer classroom but are now using Chromebooks, and some are going for the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach.  Most schools also have virtual learning environments (VLEs) and are hesitant to use yet another system where the students would have to log in due to GDPR regulations. Language learning has been an afterthought in this equation, and the solutions rarely fit the crowded ecosystem.

Sanako, the global leader in language labs and language teaching solutions, is currently developing an online classroom where the flexibility of modern technology finally brings together all the different devices and platforms. The yet to be named solution can be easily used with existing VLEs and is GDPR compliant from the ground up. The solution is already being tested around the world in selected institutions.

Sanako CEO, Tobias Elgh said “We’re thrilled that the online classroom project has been so well received and the initial tests have been positive. We’re looking forward to sharing the results with you later this year. ”

About Sanako

Sanako is the global leader in developing tutor-led language teaching software and language labs for the educational sector. We have worked closely with our customers for over 50 years towards a single goal: to enable better comprehension, speaking and communication skills for language learners.

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Aleksis Juhakoski