Sanako launches a new monthly webinar series for language educators and school leaders

This new webinar series from Sanako (a pioneering educational tech company helping language teachers since 1961) provides a virtual platform for sharing best practices with language education leaders across the world.

We usually have an expert as a keynote speaker. These experts have an extensive focus on pedagogical methods and/or decades of experience from language education or related research field. Keynote speakers from our past webinars have included Heini Syyrilä, a well-known language teacher from Finland who won the National Language Teacher award in 2017 and Satoru Shinagawa, a world-renowned American language educator who has received numerous awards and grants for his work including the Innovative Excellence award in 2005, the Innovation of Year award in 2007, and ACTFL Learning Faculty Development Program Award For Excellence In Foreign Language Instruction Using Technology with IALLT in 2016.

You can watch our previous webinar recordings and join the webinar newsletter from this webpage

Sanako is a Finnish educational technology company that has 60 years of experience in providing language teaching solutions for language teachers. Our solutions are based upon globally recognized Finnish pedagogical models. Sanako has customers in 114 countries and our solutions are used in +50.000 classrooms. We believe that learning a new language enriches lives and drives social and educational inclusivity forward.

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Juho Isola